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Working with you

We welcome you as important partners in the education of your child.  Each child and family is  different and this brings a strength and diversity to our Denton Island Nursery community.

We will ask you to share information about your child with us, which helps us to get to know your child better and start to build a relationship. You will be encouraged to look at your child’s online learning journeys that parents/carers can not only see but add their own observations, photos or videos too.

Important Infomation welcome pack letter

You are very welcome to come along to the nursery and:

  • read or tell a story
  • help out in the art area
  • help with a cookery session
  • play an instrument for the children
  • help in the garden planting or growing
  • come along to one of our parent volunteer gardening days at the weekend
  • donate items like wooden spoons, baskets, bowls, cardboard boxes or tubes, clean plumbing or guttering pipes, tree limbs or trunk pieces or many more things we could make good use of. Or perhaps you have a skill you could donate to us like carpentry, knitting or sewing, or other DIY or crafty hobbies?

Home Learning

We know children learn best when they can share their learning with those around them. To help forge strong links between home and nursery, we:

  • might ask you to share with us what your children are interested in, or places they may have visited, by adding these to your child’s learning journey.
  • may suggest ways you could carry on playing at home with your child with some fun home learning ideas.
  • have a range of resources which can help a child learn a skill or overcome a challenge.
  • can help direct families wishing to expand skills or knowledge to local courses.
  • can signpost families experiencing a challenging situation to a service to support their child or to support themselves – because we all need a helping hand sometimes.
  • will share home learning ideas via Tapestry

Contact us

Contact Denton Island Nursery

Denton Island Community Centre,
Denton Island, Newhaven,

Phone: 01273 515125

Email:[email protected]