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Ouse Valley Climate Action


Working with communities the Ouse Valley Climate Action Project is a National Lottery-funded project which aims to inspire positive action to mitigate the effects of climate change in the lower Ouse valley and Havens.

Communities Delivering Together

In October 2022 Ouse Valley Climate Action was awarded £2m from the National Lottery Community Fund, aiming to make the region a national pioneer in tackling the climate change emergency.
The project area follows the River Ouse downstream from Barcombe through to Lewes, the National Park’s largest town, and further south to the coastal towns of Seaford, Peacehaven, and Newhaven. The river valley is a fragile landscape that has already felt the effects of climate change this millennium, including flooding, storm damage, coastal erosion and biodiversity loss.

The funding will focus on three key areas: nature recovery and climate resilience; people’s knowledge and skills; and, finally, greener energy and travel.

Among the aims of the project are to:
• Capture more carbon with natural solutions, such as tree planting and creating new wildlife habitats.
• Make space for water in the Ouse catchment, such as creating water habitats, to reduce flood risk and increase resilience to drought
• Support more community green spaces and food-growing areas.
• Empower and educate residents about climate action and sustainable living through inspiring events, engagement and training sessions.
• Encourage behaviour change to help the environment.
• Develop new local Community Energy Groups and community-owned renewable energy projects.
• Events and engagement around improving household energy efficiency.
• Support new greener travel initiatives around walking, cycling and e-bikes.

For more information contact the OVCA team on 01273 517250, email [email protected] or [email protected]



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