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Start-Up Grant

Start-Up Grant

Some properties come fully or part furnished but if you find yourself moving into a property and needing essential items then you can apply for this grant. This grant is to help you buy essential furniture, immediately needed to start your new home.

All applications must be made within two weeks of signing the tenancy agreement.

You must use your grant within 2 months of the tenancy start date.

The amount of grant that can be awarded will be up to £500.

Start up application to delivery process

  1. Once your application is received and approved we will give you a unique client number and inform you of the grant amount.
  1. You can then visit one of our designated stores and start to choose your essential items.
  1. You will need to provide the store with your unique client code and postcode so they know you are eligible and on our system.
  1. You choose the essential items you wish to use your grant to purchase and reserve them.
  1. The store will then send us the list of items, the delivery address and your unique client code to be approved.
  1. Any items that are not approved will be removed from your order and you will have the opportunity to select another item that from the essential list.
  1. Once the purchase is approved the store will organise a delivery to your new home.
  1. You don’t have to spend all of your amount in one store.

The start-up grant is for essential items only and for your immediate needs.

Items that can be approved could include: bed including mattress, wardrobe, dining table and chairs, sofa, armchair, washing machine, fridge, freezer.

Products that are not essential and will not be approved, including items such as: decorative ornaments, mirrors, coffee machines, TV’s, hoovers, rugs, bed linen and lamps.

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