Our Learning Environment

We believe children learn best through active, fun, hands-on experiences and play.  We provide a place for children to explore, observe, try out ideas, make choices and follow their own interests and enquires.

We ensure children learn that it is okay to ask questions, to get things wrong and to make mistakes so that children learn to be resilient and develop their self-efficacy.

We aim to provide an environment and activities that challenge children’s abilities and through differentiated praise support children to value persistence and effort above the end –product developing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our environment – indoors

We aim to meet children’s holistic developmental needs in an environment that is inclusive of all children and their families.  Our nursery is homely and inviting, vibrant and embraces messy play creating a ‘doing’ space for the children.

Our environment – outdoors

In our outdoor environments we support children to connect with nature in a space where challenge and risk taking is fostered. Our main garden has a mud kitchen, sensory and kitchen garden and offers opportunities for forest school activities.

Our environment – emotional

Our staff team work to make every child feel welcome, secure and loved providing a nurturing and inspiring atmosphere thus enabling every child to become a confident and capable learner.

Sensory Room

The sensory room at Denton Island Nursery provides a calm space for all our babies and children which we use every day. It helps us to enhance learning and development opportunities and is a fabulous space to help enrich storytelling. We are able to provide multi-sensory play opportunities tailored to the individual needs of each child especially those who have specific or additional needs. The room is also available for hire.

*Please note during the COVID pandemic, our normal process has changed, please speak to a member of the team for more information *