Supporting your child

Key Persons

A healthy attachment (the bond between a child and those who care for him/her) is key to every child’s ongoing mental well-being and ongoing development.  Understanding this DIN embrace the key-person approach to care and education.

Before your child starts with us we will match them with a key-person who will support you and your child to transition into the setting, meet the personal care needs of your child, keep you up-to-date with how your child is doing and plan and provide rich learning experiences tailored to meet your child’s needs.  You will also have a secondary key-person matched to your child who will also develop a bond with your child and take on the role of key-person when the primary is unavailable.

Your child’s key-person will become your primary point of contact with the nursery but both you and your and your child will soon get to know all of our staff team.

Learning journeys

Each child will experience a unique path of learning and development whilst at the nursery with us.  We observe their interests and needs and using what they can do we plan a next step experience to move them forward.

To track this individualised journey and make assessments against the EYFS we use the Tapestry online app.  This is fully secure and easy to use. From Tapestry, parents and carers can share the child’s learning journey with family and friends and add their own observations, photos or short videos from any computer, tablet or even from a mobile phone with just the app and their individual password.


Over the years we have had children with a variety of additional requirements attend the nursery and as with every child always start by learning all about them from their families.

We use a variety of ways to build on what children can do to ensure they make good progress with us and are enabled to reach their full potential.

Communication, Language and Literacy

Up to half of all children in the UK start school with a Communication or Language difficulty. To help children get the best possible start we have lots of fun and simple ways to support children.

  • We have daily ‘Letters and Sounds’ sessions where we use games, songs, rhymes or play to help support children
  • Rhythm and Rhyme sessions, music and dance all help children play with language, learn to make all the sounds found in speech and become confident communicators
  • ‘ECaT: Every Child a Talker’ observations three times a year help staff identify which children are developing as expected and which children need a little more support either within the nursery or by accessing specialist services.
  • A range of fun mark making and tool use age appropriate activities to develop children fine motor and hand-to-eye co-ordination skills in preparation for writing.
  • Story time every session and a snuggly book corner to help instil in children a love of books and stories
  • Pre-school sessions run by our nursery practitioner who also has Teaching Assistant qualifications and experience.

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