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Looking for activities and events for you and your children in Newhaven?

Come along and enjoy free family activities and groups fun at Denton Island Community Centre in Newhaven. We provide family sessions, parent/carer and child groups and activities for you and your children. We have a range of free groups and activities across the week Monday to Friday at the Community Centre and in other venues across Peacehaven and Newhaven.

Family Food

An online course for those who may be having difficulties with their children’s eating habits. Aimed at changing behaviours around health and nutrition for the young. Tuesdays from 25th January 2022 10.30am-12.00pm

Music Makers

A face to face for parents and children together, focussing on early music and ideas to try at home to promote social and emotional development. Thursdays from 20th January 2022 10am-12pm at Denton Island Community Centre.

In The Moment

An evening online course for parents and carers to explore strategies around wellbeing. This course is perfect for the busy parent to take some time focussing on themselves enabling them to become a more mindful parent. Thursdays from 27th January 7:30pm – 9pm.

Toddler Talk

An early years group/course for parents and carers and their children, focussing on early language skills and ideas and strategies to support language and social development at home. Thursdays from 20th January 2022 1pm-3pm at Denton Island Community Centre.

Family Activities and Information

Tuesdays/Thursdays NEW!

Buggy walks – from Denton Island. Meet at Denton Island Community Centre for a short walk followed by coffee and chat (Drop In – please call for times)

Wednesdays 4-5.30pm

Family Forest school for families. Please call us for more details.

Contact us

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Denton Island Community Centre,
Denton Island, Newhaven,

Phone: 01273 517250