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Sompriti works to raise awareness of the diverse voices in East Sussex.

We aim to combat inequality through community led initiatives. We focus on creating sustainable solutions that empower individuals and builds shared prosperity in the local community. We help drive development by identifying or supporting assets and strengths that exist in the community. Where community groups, projects and resources are already set up, we can provide advice and information, support and additional resources where needed to help them grow. Sompriti can help your organisation engage with new and emerging or more established communities.

We organise and promote community events, and celebrate important traditions, holidays and festivals. We aim to highlight the need to provide safe spaces, opportunities and platforms for people to share their experiences and have their voices heard, including through surveys, social media, events, focus groups, forums and creative activities.

One of our current objectives is to create opportunities for local residents from a range of backgrounds and heritages to share their views, experiences and ideas with local partners and policy makers, especially in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown and health outcomes as they have had a significant impact in the community. We want to learn about how the pandemic has impacted culturally and ethnically diverse communities in the Lewes district so that we can help shape inclusion and equality in our local services in the future, especially as we move into a recovery phase from Covid-19.

We have created a survey regarding the impact of the pandemic on diverse communities in the Lewes District, and would love to hear from you. If you would like to share your experiences during the pandemic please complete the survey, or alternatively contact the Sompriti team.

If you are looking for further support or more information please contact Louise Santos, Sompriti Development Worker on 07514667094 or email

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