Essential Information

To register your child with Denton Island Nursery we require a non-refundable registration fee of £25. Once this has been received we will add your child to our register and liaise with you to book a ‘settle session’. This session is an opportunity to complete paperwork with you while your child is able to interact with the Nursery staff and other children. This ‘settle session’ is free of charge as would be any extra ‘settle sessions’ which may be required.

*Please note during the COVID pandemic, our normal process has been changed. Please speak to a member of the team for more information on how we are running our settle sessions.

Food and Drink

We intend to provide children with a relaxed social eating experience that promotes healthy food choices. Research has shown that creating healthy eating patterns early in life can have lasting health benefits.  With this in mind we have created a food and drink policy that will help support children to develop a balanced approach to food and that will promote holistic health benefits.

We hold an Outstanding Food Award from the Children’s Food Trust and have taken part in the Heathy Active Little Ones (HALO project) and its related HEPA project for the past three years ensuring that as a nursery we are doing all we can to help children grow up with the skills and knowledge to make healthy life choices.

Parents are required to provide their child with a packed lunch which conform to our Health Lunch Box Policy.

Water is offered to drink at all times of the day at our hydration station. Milk is offered at breakfast and snack times along with water and can be made available to children who will not drink water.

Fruit juices, squashes, smoothies and fizzy drinks are not permitted at nursery.

Please be aware we cannot re-heat any pre-prepared foods and we ask all parent/carers not to include any peanut or peanut based products in their child’s lunchboxes.