Play and Routines

Our nursery routines are designed to help children feel secure and to foster independence and self-care skills.

Each room in the nursery has a daily flow designed to support a sense of security for children.  The nursery views every day experiences such as meal times and personal care routines as opportunities for children to develop their independence and self-care skills as well as creating a place for children to learn about healthy choices and lifestyles.

Key-persons create relaxed, unhurried personal care routines for their children which are respectful and supportive and promote the bond between themselves and the little one in their care.

Activities and free play

The nursery works to create a balance of child-directed learning through free play and exploration alongside more structured adult-led activities.  This is designed to ensure all children receive opportunities to experience the full breadth EYFS and all areas of learning and development.

The balance we aim to create between these two shifts as children progress.  For babies we provide short adult-led sessions spread out across their day between free play and adult-enriched experiences.  The length of the adult-led sessions increases steadily through the toddler room to the main room and longer sessions are provided to support help our older children be ready for the transition to school.

Our adult-led activities and experiences are designed to inspire thinking, curious minds; to introduce new vocabulary, concepts and ideas; and to challenge children to explore all aspects of learning.

During child-directed free play the nursery enables children to have choice and to follow what sparks their curiosity and imaginations.  Adults sensitively support and extend these experiences through their interactions with the children and their use of open-questions or narration of the play or by providing additional resources for the children to incorporate into their play.

The nursery also uses all play and activities to promote co-operation and collaboration and to support children to develop friendships with their peers.

Forest School

We are in the process of introducing simple forest school activities into the nursery sessions. Forest school enables children to access nature and the environment and explore taking risks while being safe and supported.