Our staff team

Our staff team is made up of highly skilled and reflective practitioners who have worked at the setting for many years. 

Denton Island Nursery expect our staff to be welcoming, friendly, respectful and approachable to all children and their families.  We want staff who are engaged, enthusiastic and committed to delivering the nurseries ethos and demonstrating the values of SCDA.

We ask our staff to show sensitive and skilled interactions with children aimed to develop their thinking, promote learning and improve their self-esteem.  We want our staff to be able to show a genuine interest in what the child is doing and/or trying to achieve, tuning in to their interest and respecting their chosen line of enquiry.  We require staff to be flexible in their approach to delivery of activities, to continually assess and evaluate, differentiate and to recognise when a change is needed.

We support staff to develop reflective practices, to challenge themselves to continuously learn and improve their skills and knowledge and to apply this learning to their daily practice thereby improving outcomes for children.

Our Management team

Our management team are leaders, role models, innovators and catalysts for positive change.  They support our staff team to reflect on their practice, to celebrate successes and to identify areas to develop and improve.

Our management team are highly qualified and knowledgeable team with a strong vison for the nursery. They embody the active values of SCDA: Care and Respect; Skill and Thoughtfulness; Commitment and Enthusiasm; and Supporting Colleagues.