How do I start my child at Denton Island Nursery?

  • Firstly call us on 01273 515125 or pop down to Denton Island Nursery to arrange a show round the nursery.
  • Complete the Denton Island Nursery Application Form and return it as soon as possible. Nursery Application Form
  • Once a space has been allocated we will arrange settles for you and your child to spend time at nursery with their new key person.

We would advise to start settles at least 4 weeks before your child is due to start at Denton Island Nursery as we like to make sure that children are properly settled with us before they start.

Each child is different and will require different levels of support when settling. Arrangements can be made for ‘stay and play’ sessions where parents stay with children for short sessions, these sessions are helpful especially if your child becomes very unsettled and upset when left. Please see our settling and transition policy for more information on settling.

What should I provide for my child?

We ask parents/carers to provide the following items for their child:-

  • Nappies, wipes and a nappy cream (if applicable) – please ensure you provide one more nappy than you think you’ll need just in case.
  • Comforter – like a dummy, cuddly toy or blanket if your child has one
  • Pre measured Formula or made up milks (if applicable)
  • A change of old clothes – labelled please, if your child is potty training please include a good number of spare knickers/pants
  • Wellington boots and rain coats/waterproofs – in wet weather
  • Sun hats and a sun cream of SPF 15 or above – if possible a water resistant sun cream and a sunhat that shades your child’s face, ears and neck is best
  • Warm coat, scarf and gloves – in cold weather.

How do I contact Denton Island Nursery?

You can contact the nursery on 517250 or 515125 to come through to the reception who can transfer your call to us, our admin or finance teams. If you wish to call the nursery between the hours of 5pm and 6pm then please call 515125 as the other number will go straight to answer phone, this is also the number to call to leave a message for the nursery in the morning between 6am and 8am.

What do I do if my child is unwell?

From time to time children come down with coughs, colds or feel under the weather. While for the most part children are still well enough to attend nursery sometimes it is better for them to rest in the calm and familiar environment of home.

We do require all parents/carers to keep their children at home when they are unwell and may be infectious to others and a list of the common childhood illnesses, their incubation periods and the time children must be away from nursery for is included in the Welcome Pack.

We ask that children remain home for 24 hours after starting a course of medication to give them a chance to rest in a calm environment.

If your child is unwell please let us know by calling reception on 515125.

It is important for us to know if any child attending nursery has been unwell, even if it is just from teething, so that we can monitor the child during their day and provide appropriate care.

If your child becomes unwell at nursery we will make every effort to contact you and to care for your child in accordance with our sick child policy.

Can my child attend Denton Island Nursery after having an immunisation?

We ask all parents/carers to keep their child at home for the first 12 hours after having an immunisation, which can make a child feel unwell and a bit sore and sensitive, allowing them time to rest and recuperate.

Can the nursery give my child medication?

Denton Island Nursery will not administer medications unless they are needed to manage a child’s on-going or recurrent health care need (for example Inhalers, epipens, eczema creams) and our medicines policy and related procedures have been followed.

For children requiring short term medications for immediate health care, for example, antibiotics, cough medicine, ear drops, eye drops etc, we require parents/carer to administer these medicines themselves either before or after nursery sessions. If a dose is due whilst the child is at nursery we require parents/carers to return to nursery and administer such medications themselves.

Children must remain at home for 12 hours after starting any course of medication for their own health and wellbeing.

What should I do if I’m running late to collect my child?

Sometimes traffic or an unexpected delay can make any of us late. We ask all parents/carers to try their best to contact us and let us know if they are delayed, especially if you think you will be later than our closing time of 6 pm so we can reassure your child you are on your way.

If you are running very late and have organised for a friend or relative to collect your child it is especially important you let us know so we can follow our collection of children policy.

Lateness may result in a charge to cover the cost of staff working overtime and other additional costs the nursery may incur.

In the event a child is not collected from nursery on time and we have not heard from you staff will follow the non-collection of children procedure. 

Where can I get more information?

  • There is a parent notice board and home learning board in the nursery hallway giving you information on nursery events and plans, local events, local schools, upcoming course you may like to access, and ideas for play and activities for you to share with your child at home. We have a variety of support information on all kinds of subjects from potty training tips, to tips on how to help your child to eat more healthily.
  • The wellbeing board in the hallway has information on today’s lunch and tea menus, healthy foods ideas, and information about any illnesses in the nursery or local area and a copy of the information about incubation and exclusion periods for many childhood illnesses.
  • Our staff team will always try to make time to greet you and give you some information on your child’s day at collection times.

How can my child get the free nursery places for 2 years olds?

There is funding available for some families for 15 free hours for 2 year old to access our nursery. To find out if you are eligible, please check out ESCC website at eastsussex.gov.uk.

How can my child get the free nursery places for 3 years olds?

In the term after your child’s 3rd birthday we will give you the form you need to complete so your child can get their free nursery entitlement.

What should I do when my child is about to start school?

Keep an eye-out on our Parent Notice Board in the winter and spring time as your child approaches their fourth birthday for information about local school open days, details on how the process all works, where to go to get advice, and to get ideas to support your child through the transition.