What we offer

Denton Island Nursery Vision

Every child in our nursery has the right to:

  • Be themselves and be valued for who they are;
  • Be treated with respect and listened to;
  • Feel welcome and be safe, protected and cared for;
  • Make friends and be happy;
  • Learn how to make healthy choices and become independent;
  • Have adults who will give them encouragement, support and time to explore and learn through play;
  • Have fun discovering their world and getting messy;
  • Be stimulated to learn new skills and knowledge;
  • Feel secure to take risks and try out new challenges.

We offer:

Sensory room

The sensory room at Denton Island Nursery provides a calm space for all our babies and children which we use every day. It helps us to enhance learning and development opportunities and is a fabulous space to help enrich story telling. We are able to provide multi-sensory play opportunities tailored to the individual needs of each child especially those who have specific or additional needs. The room is also available for hire.

Language groups

We run weekly fun language sessions for children who have communication difficulties. Some of the children are already supported by speech and language therapists however the sessions are open to all nursery children to help support all areas of communication development. In our daily letters and sounds groups, children have opportunities to practise rhythm and rhymes, letter sounds and singing, all of which help support children develop their reading and writing skills.

Forest school

We are in the process of introducing simple forest school activities into the nursery sessions. Forest school enables children to access nature and the environment and explore taking risks while being safe and supported.

Learning journeys

Every child has a learning journey which tracks their unique progress and development which enables us to plan next steps based on what children already know and what they are interested in. We use the Tapestry online secure learning journey system. We encourage parents to contribute the learning journeys by adding comments and photos of family events.

Key person

Every child has a key person who will help support both you and your child in becoming familiar with the Nursery, meet your child’s personal care needs and provide rich learning experiences tailored to meet your child’s needs. Your child’s key person will also make observations and update learning journeys. Each child also has a secondary key person who will provide care for your child if their key person is on holiday or off sick.

Food and Drink

Denton Island Nursery recognises the importance of establishing healthy eating patterns during a child’s first years of life. With this in mind at snack and meal times we aim to provide healthy, balanced and nutritious food which meets the children’s individual needs.

Parents are required to provide their child with a packed lunch.

Water is offered to drink at all times of the day. Milk is offered at breakfast and snack times along with water and can be made available to children who will not drink water.

Fruit juices, squashes, smoothies and fizzy drinks are not permitted at nursery. Please be aware we cannot re-heat any pre-prepared foods and we ask all parent/carers not to include any peanut or peanut based products in their child’s lunchboxes.