Community Support


What is Making it Happen about?

Making it Happen is about discovering, celebrating and building on the positive things in our local neighbourhoods. We are here to support communities to come together, make the most of the opportunities and create positive change.

We use an Asset Based approach to working with communities:
‘Asset-based community development begins with the gifts of people and their capacity to organize to create the world they want to see’ (ABCD Institute).”

What are we doing?
We believe that everyone has skills and talents to offer their community. When these skills and talents are shared, the community thrives and becomes stronger.

Local people are coming together to:

  • Share stories & celebrate successes
  • Work together to improve their local environment
  • Take positive action to create healthier communities

We can help by:

  • Supporting people to tell their stories
  • Connecting groups, spaces and opportunities that already exist
  • Working with people to find strengths, build confidence & add more to their community
  • Awarding small grants to kick start an idea

Who will be working in your neighbourhood?

Five organisations will be working in 16 areas across the county. These areas have been chosen because while they may face some challenges, there are also plenty of strengths and opportunities

Which areas are we working in?
Check to see which neighbourhoods in the Districts and Boroughs we are working in from the list below.  Click on the links for Making it Happen partners covering Wealden, Rother, Hastings and Eastbourne or for Lewes District see the contact information for SCDA.

  • Wealden – Uckfield North, Crowborough East, Polegate and Hailsham East:  Action in Rural Sussex
  • Rother – Central and Sackville, Eastern Rother, St Michaels and Sidley:  Rother Voluntary Action 
  • Hastings – Greater Hollington and Castle:  Hastings Voluntary Action 
  • Eastbourne – Shinewater, Hampden Park and Willingdon Trees:  3VA 
  • Lewes District – Newhaven Valley, Peacehaven West and Peacehaven North East:  Sussex Community Development Association (SCDA).

To find out more about the SCDA team, the project, what we’ll be doing and for more about Small Sparks Grants contact Hannah Sherman on: 

Small Sparks Grants

These small grants are for individuals and groups in the Making it Happen areas to turn good ideas into reality, or they can be used to support a great project or group become stronger. Check to see if your area is included in the list of neighbourhoods in ‘Which areas are we working in?’ and contact the local partner.