Activities for all

As part of our day care package, we provide an extensive and diverse range of activities, appropriate for our client group who have a mixed span of abilities. There is something for everyone!

Activities at Charter Centre can include: Magician; Gentle exercises; Baking; Word games. Poetry; Arts and crafts; Quiz; Puzzles and board games. Singer with accordion; Word games; News group; Card games

Activities at Isabel Blackman Centre can include: Chair based exercise; Quiz Time; Hand massage. Board games; Crafts; Bonus Bingo. Pottery and felting; Singer. Music for Health; Chair based exercise; Bingo. Table and floor games; Know your Onions

Activities at Phoenix Centre can include: Chair based exercise; Quiz Time; Beauty therapy and hand massage. Qi Gong; Puppetry making and performance. Pottery and Felting; Line and Ballroom dancing. Creative writing workshop; Chair based exercise, Bingo.